MEERKAT Premium Outdoor Camping Gear

MEERKATEmbrace the Wild, Traverse the Terrain

MEERKAT Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the tenacious spirit of the desert-dwelling meerkat, our brand MEERKAT is your dependable companion in the world of outdoor exploration and camping.

Meerkats, known for their intricate social systems, mutual care, vigilant nature, and highly specialised adaptation mechanisms, serve as our model, guiding us to create products that echo these exact principles.

For the Adventurous Soul

Our offerings at MEERKAT are conceived with the adventurous soul in mind.  The ones who thrive on spontaneous weekend excursions.

Unplanned escapades, and impromptu gatherings with friends in the heart of nature.


As a brand, we believe that the world is a playground waiting to be discovered, and our mission is to facilitate these adventures with reliability and style.

MEERKAT products are meticulously crafted to adjust to a spectrum of environments and conditions, maintaining a perfect blend of quality, durability, and functionality.

Our venture into crafting superior adventure tents and equipment has placed us firmly at the forefront of the market, making MEERKAT a trusted name synonymous with outdoor adventure gear.

Rooted in the legacy of Bushtec Adventure

MEERKAT is a proud member of the Canvas and Tent Group.

Originating in 1968, Canvas and Tent Manufacturing marked its journey with designing and creating the first-ever bow tent in 1972. Now, operating from our state-of-the-art factory in Ladysmith, we are a family of over 500 passionate, skilled individuals dedicated to upholding our tradition of excellence.

Our establishment is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, a testament to our commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. To guarantee the exceptional quality synonymous with our brand, we have set up an on-site laboratory where all materials are rigorously tested against stringent international standards.

MEERKAT, therefore, promises not just products, but a tradition of trust, a commitment to quality, and a passport to memorable experiences in the lap of nature.

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