MEERKAT Premium Outdoor Camping Gear

MEERKAT Premium Outdoor Gear proudly covered by Bushtec.

Our product range includes a variety of canvas tents, gazebos, camping chairs, stretchers, sleeping bags, and so much more BETTER BEST outdoor camping tents and equipment.

The Core Beliefs of MEERKAT


Durable, practical, versatile, outdoorsy, tough.


Daring, spirited, imaginative, bold.


Innovative, reliable, resourceful, expertise, knowledgeable.


Freedom, exploration, pioneer, experience-seeker.

Accessories Built to last

The best coolers and water bags

Dedication to Product Excellence

What makes us stand out from the rest

Skilled Team

Dedicated team of skilled, knowledgeable and talented men and women.

Growing Product Range

Desire to continuously improve and expand our product offering.

Continuous Innovations

A base from which research and product innovation can take place.

Our Story

MEERKAT – Embrace the Wild, Traverse the Terrain

Drawing inspiration from the tenacious spirit of the desert-dwelling meerkat, our brand MEERKAT is your dependable companion in the world of outdoor exploration and camping.

Meerkats, known for their intricate social systems, mutual care, vigilant nature, and highly specialised adaptation mechanisms, serve as our model, guiding us to create products that echo these exact principles.

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Leaders in the manufacturing of canvas tents and camping gear. We strive to offer the best quality camping products to our loyal and ever-expanding client base within the camping and outdoor industries.

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